Sunday, July 11

Cringe, Juicy!

Just a little short additional post before the clock strikes 12 Later. Had another badminton attachment (ugh!) and of course, we had to do warmups and running around the huge track. Thankfully we managed to escape that turmoil. Went to hide out in the loo nearby with Bectouille and two other girls from my class. It felt like a spy movie sneaking around trying not to get spotted by those on the track. We managed to join the class later without being discovered for evading the running! Since there were like more than 30 people in a same, small court, there wasn't much space to hit our shuttlecocks without hitting somebody in the head with the racket. Bec and I played for a bit, laughed at a particular plump person and the student leader of the badminton club, and went out for a breather (for a longer time). Time passed quickly enough... I left and went to get a pink lemonade flavored Snapple. Discovered my Juicy Couture wallet (worth $140!!) was missing! Went back up the stairs and met a girl from the class. Borrowed her phone to call my mother (even though I already had a phone in my bag - HEY I was panicking all right?!) and my mother went nearly into hysterics 'cos I might have to make a police report and I have NO WAY of getting home without any money or a card for the bus. Borrowed a few coins from the girl and her friends. Thanks, saints!! Ran back to the court afterwards - and panting, I asked that student leader whom Bec and I were laughing at for being so awkward and funny. Thank GOD. He had kept it for me all along. My cards, moolah (most importantly!!) and everything else were intact! PHEW. I suppose I'll never laugh at him again - I felt so mean afterwards. Cringe. And this was what my wallet looked like - sorry it's reversed. I took it with Photobooth, since my phone is under repair and apparently, ALL my contacts was deleted. Damn.
"A hard man is good to find." 
- Mae West

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