Sunday, July 11

Fingr Puppets

Went to IKEA just a few hours ago and got fab stuff!! Looove Swedish food and all their furniture! Some were really urban and trendy, especially furni with block colors. Anyways, to cut the long story short, I couldn't get an armchair for my study in the end, but I got a white bookcase! Loooove it! I wanted to get glass doors for the bookcase at first - but the flat-packed bookshelves were too heavy. Darn. All other bookshelves which came with glass doors were 'temporarily oversold'. Ugh! 
When I was walking around and looking at bookshelves, I found one that was really nice - entirely red. Lovely. I reached out and tapped my mother on her back shoulder. Horror of horrors. It ain't her. He was a black - and wasn't even close to my mother's height! Tall, in other words. We both apologized quickly, though I don't know why he apologized, frankly. Hopefully he thought I had bumped into him instead of tapping his shoulder deliberately. Cringe. 
Anyways, I also got finger puppets. But I would have to give some to my toddler cuz if I wanted to get it. They're all little animals! Too cute!
The elephant and the mouse is the cutest, I reckon!
I try with my fingrs. 
Speaking of fingers, these nails are specially Toy Story 3 themed! The plaid one rocks.
Cinderella's pumpkin-turned-horse drawn carriage!
Caption: Hngggh. For God's sake, LET ME THROUGH
Group of otters! They are the cutest things..

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.” 
- Ann Landers

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