Monday, July 12

Draggg Days PLUS Jane Lynch in iCarly Peek!

It's been a drag lately. I know, understatement of my entire life. Anyways, pretty much nothing to say about a Monday either, save for the fact it was my LAAAAST badminton lesson today! Oh, the joy! Still, the coach made us do drills he saved for the last. We had a match at the end too. My pard'ner and I apparently tied. But she did the punishment in my place ( 80 push-ups). Thanks a million! But really, they were up in less than 3 minutes so no way hosay did they actually do those 80 torturous ups-and-downs! Thank gosh or I might get hated for. Ha. Had some other teamwork meeting afterwards for IS. Bah. At least we got done pretty quick and came up with a decent couch for the redesigning part!
Getting a strong urge to travel again. I can't stand remaining in my lone chair at a table TYPING away on a computer and doing the mundane things in life. My mother wants to go backpacking someday around the world. Perhaps I could follow. Swiss Alps here I come!

Anyways, I can't go without pictures of adorable animals or vintage stuff for a day, so here goes!
This is just... weird. Rabbits in a circle, joining hands (paws, I mean)?!! I'm thinking this is a bunny cult group. Somehow, this just makes me find bunnies even cuter.
Bear cubs! Learning kung fu! <3333
A look into a vintage bedroom. Lovely lace and wallpaper. Damn I want this.
Random HP guy time! This is Seamus Finnigan from the Potter movies, played by Devon Murray! They were all waaay adorable in the past...
A secret pic released by @DanWarp on his blog! Yep, this is the recently filmed episode of iCarly starring Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester in Glee!!) as Sam's mother! She suits the role to a tee!

“Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser. “ 
- Vince Lombardi

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