Tuesday, July 6

Glee! McKinley Ink

Special section dedicated to the tattoos of the Glee cast today!! Just love 'em so much! Personally, I ain't a big fan of tattoos (unless you count the water-based, removed with two washes, fake tatts!) or the pain that comes with it. Still, some of the ones the Gleeks adorned are pretty cool. Most of them had the word 'Imagine' on their skin! Credits to gleeky on Tumblr for the pictures! Before I start, here's a cute li'l black kitty which seems too engrossed with the Macbook Pro (the keys light up)! I know you love adorable cat pictures too. Who can resist these little intelligent furballs?
Speaking of Glee, here's a shot of Cory Monteith with Prince Harry in London that he posted on his Twitter! Doppelgangers!! Weird that modern princes dress all... well, urban these days. Ciao, suits!
Now back to McKinley Ink! Featured here are Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Heather Morris (Brittany), Naya Rivera (Santana), Kevin McHale (Artie), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Amber Riley (Mercedes)! They all wear tattoos, really.
Lea has a small cross tattoo on her left side. There appears to be some script underneath it but it’s always been hidden.
Lea also has a bird tattooed on her hip! There's Heather Morris right beside her in the picture!
The tiny music notes on Lea’s shoulder come from the song Bohemian Rhapsody. Too cool!
The tattoo on her right wrist reads 'I Believe', which is the title to one of the most poignant songs in Spring Awakening.
Lea has a tattoo on each foot: “Imagine” on the left, and a butterfly on the right.
Lastly, Lea got this tiny gold star tattoo for her Glee character, Rachel Berry. Wow that's A LOT of tattoos!
Heather got this tattoo for her dad. She describes it as two wings and an angel watching over her.
Naya’s right ankle features a shooting star tattoo. She looks like such a gypsy clairvoyant here! Lovin' the whole outfit!
Naya has the word “Fighter” tattooed on her wrist.
Kevin has the words “Let It Be”, from the classic Beatles song (which he sang for his Glee audition), tattooed on his arm. Like the rest of his Glee cast mates, he has the word "Imagine" tattooed on as well, but so far, there has been no clear shot of it!
Jenna has an outline of a bird on her right wrist.
Jenna’s heart tattoo. Upside down, it looks sorta like a treble clef. Looove it!
The tattoo here reads “All You Need Is Love” - the title of another classic Beatles song.
Jenna’s “Imagine” tattoo
Wait - It seems Jenna has the same tattoo on her left wrist as her right one! Amber sports a tattoo with a symbol of a logo for Not Of This World (a Christian apparel store).
Cory armed!
So far, Dianna has only one tattoo that I know of! It says “Mary had a little lamb.” (Incidentally, her mother’s name is Mary, and Dianna’s Twitter is named alittlelamb!)

“Lost time is never found again. “ 
- Benjamin Franklin

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