Monday, July 26

It's a Wrap!

Well, thank goodness. The entire shooting of our short movie is finally OVERRRR!!! After I had my music lesson till about three thirty, I took a taxi (with the ultra-heavy lighting kit) to the house we were filming at for the rest of the night.

So I arrived, and I just stood outside stupidly, trying to find the doorbell (there was none) and looking for a way in. Yes, I even tried prying open the windows and sliding door. Thank goodness one of my teammates' mother appeared and opened the friggin' door for me. The rest of the crew were out somewhere. I went looking for them and they were filming at the playground for a reshoot due to some boom mic problems.

There were some pretty old onlookers as well - probably bored, and they sat around a table (they probably do this every Sunday afternoon) and so, they became our commentating audience.  My team didn't exactly like their intervention at some parts. Anyways, the reshooting went on pretty smoothly after they left (no offence). The main lead did some push-ups as the father in the film paced around and told me to go lower. We sprinkled water all over him so he'd look like he was actually perspiring. Of course, that left the soft, spongy ground of the playfield really unsightly.

Afterwards, we went back to the house and proceeded doing re-shoots.

We ate a vegan dinner again! This time, it was pretty nice! I tried vegan spaghetti for the first time. Yummers. After that, we chilled a little and laughed our a**es off as some of them made pretty funny facial expressions and hand movements. Golly.

We were left with 2 more scenes afterwards. We started off with the bedroom scene, where the male lead was supposedly put to the test by the Dad (using his future sister-in-law) to see if he would cheat on his fiance, a.k.a the Dad's other daughter! Gross.

'paranormal activity' talk when we had to film in total darkness> 

We did many, many takes of the flirting required for the test. The scene ended with the male lead bursting out of the door after the girl tried to remove his jacket *Bleargh*.

We also shot from the staircase, of the male lead running down the (mad scary) steps. After that, we proceeded to the next (and FINAL) scene. It was approximately 8.40 PM then.

So in this final scene, the male lead ran out of the front door and into his car, apparently rummaging for "something". Guess what that was. Imagined him to have successfully evaded the "sexual harrassment" of the sister? No way, ho sei! He was actually looking for a *ahem* condom. I rarely say these words out loud, much less on a blog - so this is an exception.. The father knuckle-rapped the car. The lead looked so shocked he could have peed his pants. The entire movie ended with an irony, of course. As the lead got out of the car, the father gave him an approval (thumbs-up) and the lead silently slid the box of *ahem* into his back pocket.


I hate, hate, hate posts that has just plain and simple (and most likely boring) texts without any pictures of all. So here's one! This is a vintage store! I wish they had these on my street! I would go mad barging in there every day and picking stuff off shelves. That's how crazy I go for vintage.
“There's not a liberal America and a conservative America - there's the United States of America.” 
- Barack Obama

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