Tuesday, July 27

Video-Editing Flop

Had my video editing test earlier yesterday morning (it got postponed for me twice!), and it was a total FLOP! For me, anyways. Of course, I had practiced for it waaaay beforehand (the truth, and nothing but the truth!) so I was feeling pretty confident (don't comment!) The test was supposed to be on a disc, so the teacher passed that around. I slid that into the drive, and I went importing the test file into Final Cut Express (still confidently). The video came out all laggy! I asked the teacher if it was supposed to be this way, he said yes.

Then, he wanted to collect back our discs. That just made the 'media offline'. So once again, I asked for HELP. And believe me, I definitely do nOT like asking for aid! Turned out, I had to transfer the test file to my desktop, which I did not do, obvs. It took close to ten minutes (possibly less) just WAITING for the stupid file to get crossed over to the desktop. The test was supposed to only last 50 minutes. That left me approximately less than 35 minutes. Harsh.

The test file only consisted of several music tracks and one long clip about 3 minutes. This one wasn't laggy at all. Golly. Still, better than nuthin' right?

I took a pretty long time cutting the clips (and wasted some trying to figure out how to make subclips to put into the 'Dailies' bin. The scenes were all shot in different ways and some were all over the place. So THAT took quite some time too. I had to include the music tracks into suitable parts of the finished cut too! I only had less than 10 MINUTES to choose and add tracks! God. Of course, I didn't finish putting in as much music as I wanted and my 'Dailies' bin remained blank.

It's so unfAir the teacher did not give me extra time. But at least he went through my clip first. Probably 'cos he felt sorry for me, and my probably less-than-average grades for this test. I could have sworn I saw him shoot piteous looks my way. Gah.

Anyway, he circled some numbers in the rubrics and said I coulda done better, with the editing and stuff. That's a given... if only I had MORE time to finish this!! The teacher said I might be getting a C. Great. Another C. I'm possibly the most average girl you'd ever see anywhere. I'm so done with being average!

Anyways, enough with the video-editing talk. It's pissing me off! Below's a pretty cute and innovative song, possibly about Facebook! It's a Rocky & Balls creation, sung by 2 comedic Englander-songtresses Check out their official site and some other music tracks of theirs here!
<a href="http://rockyandballs.bandcamp.com/track/i-3-u-online">I &lt;3 U Online by Rocky and Balls</a>

Another hilarious piechart that oozes nothing but the truth!
Looooove this one!
Dalmation piglets! What could be cuter than this?!
Awww....!! Giant brooding dog with the little weedle wabbit!

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey. “ 
- Victor Hugo

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