Wednesday, July 28

Printing Woes

I get that the title might be a tad dumb - but hey, whatever goes in my own blog! Anyway, seeing as one of my teammates couldn't follow another to a printing store in the other side of town, I followed instead. We took a taxi down to the place seeing as it was already close to mid-afternoon and there just wasn't time to take the slow public transportation - the bus.

We arrived right beside Macdonalds so we had some honey chipotle shaker fries. It was pretty good, I gotta say. I'm sick of eating fast food though... I mean, who isn't?!

After that, it was the arts complex. The printing store was on the second floor. We went in, and needless to say, life brings you complications - in this case, in the form of wrong formats saved for namecards! We had them in PDF, but the guy wanted JPEG files, and for them to be arranged in a certain way. Like front-to-back or something like that. I could never understand what he was saying. Thankfully, my teammate did. Still, we spent close to an HOUR trying to correct whatever was needed, and still we came up all wrong. Finally, the guy helped us. He asked which school we were from and why didn't we know this (not out loud, but hey, that was a given) and whatnot! We weren't even TAUGHT that excusez-moi!

We stayed outside the printing store for probably close  to 3 hours! But thankfully, all the printing worked out well (with some little white stuff which were nOT supposed to be in the name cards). The paper quality were all real FINE! Wish I had an endless supply of these! We laminated the coasters which were printed on matte paper. Just love 'em! Best part is - they were all printed in laser! I just hate that borin ol' inkjet printer.

After that, I remembered I had no effing idea how to even GET HOME. She offered a lift to the closest train station with her dad's car, but I found a way without troubling someone else. Thank goodness. Or that's what I thought...

I took a bus, and it took almost AN HOUR just reaching the main street I was familiar with for me to get home. Waiting for another bus took almost another half hour! I reached home after 8. Darn. Too tiring! I'll end here. This has been a boring post. So some pretty cool pix I found on Tumblr! I know - I'm an addicted Tumbler!
Is the dog for real? It was probably just 2 stuffed dogs on both sides. Cute kid in Harry Potter gear though!
Trying to Mac-ify this ancient computer... How's that working out huh? Just sayin'!
Step 2 works great.

“It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.” 
- Albert Einstein

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