Wednesday, July 21

Shooting: Day Two!

Fast forward 3 days and we're on our second day of shooting for our short film! I'm totally worn out, so I'll keep this post snappy as well. I still have a test to study for and a photoshop file that needs major construction pending!! So I doubt I shall be getting sleep anytime soon. I can't imagine what this will do for my skin. WTF. Bectouille and I left the lectures just after the first one too. Yayyers! Went off to her house for some food again. Wow I sure am a glutton...

Anyways, we took a taxi (thank goodness one stopped at the third floor - we'd have to lug all that equipment down) to the same venue, which is a terrace that belongs to one of my teammates' grandmother! We took a much longer time finishing the first scene we did! I'm not gonna go into the details. That'd just bore EVERYONE (including me) out.  The next scene (before we called it a wrap) we did was an interrogation scene. We had it in a darkroom, and it was all cramped in there. The room was waaay small and I nearly tripped over tons of wires. Loved that sharp,interrogation light though! Harsh lighting. We finished this scene a li'l faster since the main lead was pretty much a professional actor. I'll stop here. Ciaoooo xx
“Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.” 
- André A. Jackson

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