Wednesday, September 1

300th Cats!

I've finally reached my THREE HUNDREDTH POST! What an achievement. I'm never, ever usually dedicated to anything. I never have been a stick-toer (wrong word?). But blogging... WOW. Anyways, I expect I'd have the 500th in just 200 more days, not too far off, considering how QUICKLY time flies. 

Anyways, I know I've promised a SPECTACULAR post for this one, but I couldn't think of anything, really. Then, I got thinking: "There's nothing more spectacular than funny, viral kitties!" So this begins. There're all sorts of cats below - funny ones, kittens in GIFs (that's a picture format that moves and repeats, FYI), viral videos that got the world om nom nom-ing! 

I've never really been a cat person. I'm more of a dog lover. But that's what the Internet does to you! All that crazy adorbs cat videos just made me fall in love with kittens all over again (yeah, I used to like them until a teacher told us there's a possibility cats could forget their human owners at some point in their lives and want out)! You wouldn't believe the number of cat photos (with hilarious captions, no doubt) and viral cat videos that's flooded YouTube and the web!

Anyways, before I begin this kitty fiesta (possibly the greatest, most humorous cat compilation you'd ever see!), some positivity to start off this gonna-be-extreeeeemely-long-i-expect blog post! 
Not so crazy about the 'smile at strangers' part.

Cat GIFs OVERLOAAAAD!!!!! Some of 'em are pretty good! Apart from the first, the rest of the GIFs were taken from here
Cartoon cat typing on a keyboard! So cute!
Now don't you go squinting at me!
Mean. I hope that puppy doesn't have heart probs after that.
My favourite GIF of all!
Window-washer. Poor kitty - the owners are making him do chores.
Pop-up Kitty!
Awww. Just look at how it whips past the traffic!
Faucet cat! Gosh I'm about to die from the cuteness!
Slippery cats!
Littercoaster cats!
And finally, the pretty famous oMG cat!! (God knows how many cat GIFs I'd pumped into this post already!)
Da kitteh is angreh - he doesn't like bunnehs. God the previous sentence was just... retarded.
I LOLed at this pretty bad.
Somebody get that paper doily off now! Cat angst arising! (OMG somehow I think of Victorian women when I look at this cat.)
Cute tongue - that's all I can say.
OMG their expressions are priceless!
Nom nom nom the kitty's ear off.
I love this flyer.
One of my favourite cat videos of all time! It's too bad this isn't viral. Cuh-yootest cat head-shaking evvverrrrr! Techno goes so well with this.
Two of the widely popular kitty vids on YouTube mashed! OMG Cat (that's obvs the one that hangs its mouth open) and the Kitten That Wears a Tiny Hat! Poor thing - it got whacked.
Talking Cats! Cutest, well, talking cats, ever! This video actually got like over 20 MILLION VIEWS!
OM NOM NOM Kitty! My brain just exploded from the massive levels of cuteness. 
The Vocal Kitteh! Forgot to feed the cat again?
This Persian (at least, I think it's a Persian!) bangs his plate against the tiles! He wants his milk! Love the pure hatred he gave his owner at the end (I kid!)
Standing Cat is Watching You - how does he do that?!!
...And someone decided this standing kitteh just HAD to wear boots! This was the result - love the music that goes with. Achieved with Adobe After Effects!
To end this bout of funneh kittehs (sorry, just had to do this!) - and this 300th post anniversary, here's the Best Cat Video you'd ever see! 

That's it for this supposedly spectacular post! I presume it really wasn't. I'm not gonna ruin what little spectacularity this post has, so no quotes for today! Peace out! xx

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