Thursday, September 2

Eleven Levels of Awesome

Here to bring you a rather lazily compiled eleven levels of awesome(ness)! Some aren't really that awesome, but I just added them anyways. Do you know how hard it is finding stuff like that. Most of the stuff here (after the first 4 items I'd posted) credit goes to SMOSH! They put up the best lists in their articles. Check 'em out.
A rather lovely sketchy versh of Alice (yes, from Wonderland. Now can we move on?) turning repeatedly. Too adorbs!
The White Rabbit's watch? (and yes (again), I'm referring to the one in Alice in Wonderland!)
check out this totally rad display of (Faber Castell? I've no idea) color pencils! I would die for one of these in my room! The color pencils turn out like swatches when you look from afar!
I just love the teal hair!! 
Craziest shoes I've ever seen. The source is probably from Japan - they have the coolest inventions! Still, would you dare to wear this? Even if it was raining out?
Spongebob-themed motorcycle helmets! Either way the vehicle driving behind this would still get into an accident.
Now THAT'S a great way to make use of your duct tape! Diapers no more! Wait, is this BABY drinking an energy drink? Where did the milk go, Daddy?
Parenting FAIL - obvs. Who tries to eat their babies raw - and between a sub too? Poor kid.
I love this. Some cat motivation to get you through your day!
Check out this awesome, clever homemade iPhone case! Made from your usual cardboard!
Hilarious. Bella Swan in a Pokemon card. I used to collect Pokemon cards. 
Fan art like this surfaced (this is the coolest I've seen so far) when Summit Entertainment announced the release of the first part of Breaking Dawn(which means they've decided to break the movie into 2 parts!) would be on November 18th 2011 (we still have long to wait...)! How vampirish does Bella look?! and wait is Renesmee (yes, she's the little half-human half-vampire girl Bella gave birth to) the mean kid who appears in  SOnny with a Chance from time to time?! I've no idea what her name is. 
And now, they've finally announced the second part's scheduled release! God, Twihards would have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR for the next part to be released, so the Twilight saga isn't over yet! At least it would be before the date the Mayans had predicted for the world to end... 

And this is my favorite quote of all time!!
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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