Friday, September 3

A Year Without Rain

Another new music video comin' up from Selena Gomez's new album!! I'm so psyched. It's titled 'A year Without Rain' BTW - I know I'm not really being original by using that for this title for the post... Hey I'm too exhausted to think of a fresh new title that fits this post!!

Anyways, check out the sneak peeks below she released just a day ago (and today!) of the music video! Her single - A Year Without Rain! But I'm pretty sure the whole video revolves around her walking and dancing around the seashore with a shawl - but the song seems really good.

Okay, the sneak peek was really short. I was expecting more, obvs. So you can see why I thought the entire, full-length, soon-to-come (Friday! Just tomorrow!!) music video would be probably the same scene throughout.

Anyways, some added comics and piecharts below! They're all plain hilarious! Double-click them if they are too small for ya.
ABOVE: The definition of LAZINESS explained fully here...

This is usually my worst fear when we have to get into groups. Ughh!

OMG this explains my life so well!! Well, back in the days anyway. I was always the one having to face the unsightly rears of teachers. Gah.

I'd go with the Pink box.

True that. Ice Ice Baby!! Yay Gleeeee!

"Love truth, and pardon error." 
- Voltaire

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