Saturday, September 4


All right, I'll admit it's a rather crappy title. Anyways, love the photo below! It definitely encourages saving orang utans (or is it a gorilla or an ape?!) without the usual sentences. Simple and straight to the point! Okay I'm rambling yet again...

Hurrah! The newest and most anticipated (for me, anyway) icarly episode has got a new preview (without the usual stills. I hate stills!) for the episode 'iSam's Mom'! And guess who's playing Sam's mom? Glee's Sue Sylvester! She seriously suits this role to a tee. I hope they bring her back for future episodes too!! It's out 11 September, so I don't have long to wait!

Now check out the full, official music video that got released today, by Selena Gomez & the Scene, for her latest single a.k.a album title, 'A Year Without Rain'! I love this song. The music video is pretty awesome too. Turns out it was supposedly in a desert, not by the sea. My bad. But I knew somehow it would rain in the video. Obviously.
Anyways, I went for the IT exhibition and turns out they didn't even have iPads for sale! Obviously, I was raring to buy one. Thanks to the evils of pre-ordering, they were all sold out. Bummer. Guess I'd have to wait a little longer to get one. Can't wait for the exam to end! Just a paper, a single day, and it's over! 

"A chattering bird builds no nest." 
- African Proverb

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