Tuesday, August 31

The Atrocity of Life

Sometimes, I seriously wonder why life had to turn out, like everyone says, unfair. You get the seriously rich folks who never had to worry about being broke, and you get the in-the-middle people (like me) who ARE broke half the time and everything they do is average on the whole. Then there's the poor people. I ain't gonna elaborate on that - it's depressing. Anyways, just some uninspirational crap to start off this post. I don't even know exactly what I'm going on about, either. Anyways, to put it simply, life stinks. And below are pictures that justifies my statement...
...And this is what the world has come to - kids who flash their middle fingers at beggars. Poor lady (she probably didn't know what that gesture meant) - I would have socked that schoolgirl in the face if I was there.
OMFGGG. I ALWAYS tear up at this part!
I get that this is the first ever piece of Spongebob Squarepants material I put in this blog. LABELLED! I hate it when strangers always call even after I'd CLEARLY said WRONG NUMBER.
OMG this must be some new species of wild rabbits. I know I hate it too when I've to wake up way early in the morning.
Ice-cream therapy after an exhausting week always works!

Death hurts - big time. Pudding's obituary finally came through! R.I.P Pudding. I love you.

"Always treat a famous person as if they're not. And a person who's not as if they were." 
- Adam Lawrence

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