Monday, August 16

Birthday Shopping & DInner

I don't particularly relish the thought of celebrating birthdays BEFORE the actual day. Takes all the fun away, even if the birthday falls on a weekday. Still, that was what I got. It didn't end too peachy. Read on to find out. But if you find the topic of humiliating accidents in Italian top-notch (not really, it's situated amongst private houses) restaurants, teenage tantrums and severe disappointment too heavy or a major bore to you, feel free to stop reading at this point and click to somewhere else.

My father came home around noon, and after that I was ACHING to go out. He started yelling at us the minute he got home, how irritating was that?! My mother and I set off for town to pick out my present. Guess what? We didn't get my present in the end - unless you count 4 books and a magazine and a palmguard thingy for my mac as objects suitable for 18th birthday gifts! We looked around, went in Juicy Couture and the only things I really liked cost 800 bucks and more. This skylar cape was totally awesome (the one I saw was deep blue, but lovelier than the one below!) and it cost a friggin' 800 dollars! Okay I pictured this cape waaaay cooler than how it looks on the woman below. Think Sherlock Holmes. So I didn't get anything from that store. Pity.
Then, I led the way to the shop that sold Blythe dolls and their mini wigs (not that mini, they had pretty huge wigs there). I wanted one of course. Horror of horrors (Well, I did anticipate how much Blythe dolls would cost). The cheapest doll they had was a hundred and fifty bucks! My mother didn't consent. So I left feeling pretty pissed. It was so unfair I couldn't get anything I WANTED for my birthday. Guess I'm gonna have to save up for the Blythe doll myself. Though if I do get obsessed with these, it would burn a HOLE in my pocket. Their shoes alone could cost up to ten bucks! The wigs were 40 plus.. and counting. By Golly. I've no idea how some people can keep up their Blythe hobby (wait, for a second there, I forgot there are rich people who exist in this world..)

We went home after that and waited for my father to return home so we could head out to that Italian restaurant at the back of the house, within walking distance thankfully! I forgot its name, but the chef came out once in a while and inquired about the food and all and the waitresses were pretty chatty and hospitable. Anyways, I ordered a Soup of the Day (love this!!), main course was spaghetti with clams in white wine and cream (pretty good!) and lemon sorbetto (sorbet). The lemon sorbet was awesome as before (I tried this restaurant once before, with my mother!) and really cleanses the palette! Real sour but I tried not to show it. Took awfully long to finish it. Anyways, my father left first for the convenience store beside the restaurant and the waitress told my mother his fly was undone. Ha! How's that for karma! But still, really humiliating. Anyways, half-way through our course, my father "accidentally" knocked his hand over his red wine, all over the table cloth, and on my NEW BOOK! Damn it.

When we went home, he friggin' yelled at me for locking the door of MY ROOM. What a complete arsehole. Okay, this was an awfully long post, so I'll end my woes here. Check out the glee advert below. Thought this was the real deal at first... until I saw BRITTANY was spelled BRITANNY. Definite fake. Wonder how they got Britney Spears into the William McKinley Cheerios uniform though... Still, Photoshop can do EVERYTHING!
The real deal, or totally fake?!

"Press any key to continue, ... where's the any key?" 
- Homer Simpson

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