Sunday, August 15

Ringing in the Ears

Argh damn this, my throat still won't heal after nearly a week! Plus every time I drink or swallow, my ears would sort of ring. Weird. Anyways, I had my final music lesson before the exam on Thursday! She forgot to go through the Viva Voce questions helpppp. Plus this examiner apparently tests real little on scales and arpeggios and stuff (can't believe I'm saying this - I used to hate arpeggios!) and only plays ONCE for the aural test! My aural seriously sucks. I'm always getting the answers wrong. Like identifying time signatures and the intervals and stuff. The only part I usually get right is where I gotta clap the rhythm. Easy enough. I just hope I won't suddenly go tone deaf on that day... Or panic. The previous year's exam I totally freaked and got nearly ALL my pieces wrong and played wrongly lots of times. Gah.

Random pictures below.

UP!! Multiple Dougs (I have no idea what his name is) would be sooo annoying!
Poor kitty's lying in his grave... RIP li'l one.

"The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small." 
- Woody Allen

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