Wednesday, August 25

Chinchi Woes

Really running out of stuff to blog, yet again! Anyways, finally stepped outta the house for a bit in the late afternoon with Bec! Went to the shopping centre nearby to check out the newly renovated bookstore. The previous one was probably the oldest one I'd seen which had not been revamped yet. And the amount of books (mainly fiction) they have there is just PATHETIC. 

Now, the new one seems they've brought in more shelves, more DVDs and CDs and just slightly - more books! Guess what - it was still as similarly pitiably small! The cashier area was just a lone table with a hollow centre for the cashier to operate in. We started laughing when we saw the cashier's pathetic space. I was expecting there was further items to the back of the store, but all I saw was a storage room. Gosh.

Hungry, we went to KFC afterwards. I got cheese fries (yummers!) and a burger. The cashier taking our orders was pretty impatient and was "trying to be funny" - well, with Bec anyways. She was supposed to get a drink with hers, but the cashier didn't get that for her and just repeated saying 'bye'. Bother. We ate for a bit before another worker there approached us with a survey form and a pen. Double bother. We combined both our names and our phone numbers for that. Hah.

We went to the pet shop a little later. I'm in love with rabbits all over again!! It's too bad the white angora rabbit was already sold! It had freaky brown rings around the eyes, but its fur was snow white! Too cute! The other two bunnies were too adorable too. Grey, petite ones! 

Headed home around early 6 in the evening! I looked at chinchilla videos on YouTube till late. Random I'm totally aware. Apparently, it takes approx. 200 of chin chins to make a fur coat! And they're about to be extinct 'cos of these idiotic, heartless chinchilla murderers. They even raise these chin chins themselves, and when they are old enough (or their fur's nice enough), these suckers skin them for the fur! I would so personally murder these killers myself. It's understandable then how exorbitant they are being sold for in pet stores - they can be priced up to 700 to 800 bucks! How can ANYONE bear to kill something like this for their fur??!! On the bright side, they can live up to maximum 20-25 years! Impressive huh? I'm soooo saving up for these! 
A Royal Persian Angora Chinchilla! Exotic cuties these are!
A hamster squeezing its nose between cage bars. It looks so much like Pudding, my recently deceased hammie. She used to love doing this too...
Devilish eyes there. But so adorable!!!
I'd kill for one of these bunnies!!
True that.
Gushing at how true this is with regard to my life.

...And this is why parents are so stressed these days!

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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