Thursday, August 26

Macaron Lovin'

I'm all about food these days, so I'm gonna blog all about my favourite sweets of all time! Macarons! Or macaroons. Some people call it differently. But I reckon the original name for it is macarons, since the French use it, and macarons are predominantly known as a French confectionery!

Anyways, before I start bombarding this post with a truckload of pictures all within the topic of macarons, here's some random pictures I found around the web.
Yay for the good ol' PINK polaroid!
Movie stills from Up! One of the nicest parts in the movie (and there aren't many nice parts in there...)!
Reed Alexander (Nevel from iCarly!) tweeted this photo! It's in a town called Eze and has high mountains and the smallest streets, like this one! Too cool.
Starbucks coffee cup art! Too adorable!
Anyways, back to the macarons! I'm so dying to try the macarons in France, like the world famous Ladurée and Pierre Hermé!
Ladurée store in Château Versailles
Ladurée macarons! Yummers there are sooo many flavors!
Ladurée macarons in close-up!
Ladurée still. I'm drooling. Yuk.
Another classic, classy macaron store in France! Obvs exy stuff in there.
One of the creations of Pierre Hermé. I'm not a fan of the raspberries though.
Pierre Hermé's macarons with the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower! Too lovely!
More random photos of macarons!

Any idea how HIGH macarons can be stacked?
Cheeseburger macarons!

God this photo just makes me so hungry.

Macarons look good topped on anything!

Heart-shaped macarons!

"Let your love be like the misty rain, coming softly, but flooding the river." 
- Liberian Proverb

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