Sunday, August 8

A for Animals Only!

Well, I'd be staying in the entire day, so it's not like anything there'd be anything interesting about my life to blog about anyways. All the hype's on ah-dorable kittens and puppies and some random animal that might or might not be on the same range of 'cute' as dogs and cats! I know the title sounds really stupid, but it was all I could think of for an animal special blog post! Enjoy the pretty much hi-def photos of animals in their natural habitat and some humorous ones from! They've got the funniest cats all around!
Rrawr! Kitty fight!
Tiger huddle!
Kitty huddle!

True that! Crocs are just... well, I don't do bad publicity here.

I know these aren't exactly of REAL animals! Thought this was pretty cool so I just posted it here anyways.
Awww. The musician and his dog are playing for tips!
This is exactly the same sad puppy-dog face they keep mentioning as an expression on TV and all that. Awwww!!
Giant Panda devouring watermelon!
Most colorful bird I'd ever seen. The pastel colors are awesome!
Baby porcupine! I wish I owned one!
A polar bear's rear to end this post!

“Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right.” 
- Henry Ford

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