Saturday, August 7

IN! Barefoot Shopping

Went shopping today with Bectouille today from late noon so we could go pick out my birthday present (FYI, We didn't get it in the end)! I waited for her close to an hour for her 3-hour class to end! Bah. 

We went searching for a toilet when we reached the shopping district, then spent another HOUR searching for proper food to eat. We couldn't exactly afford most of them we saw, pretending to be interested in menus outside restaurants as though we could actually AFFORD it! Ha that was pretty hilarious!

We finally settled for pasta and Macdonalds. Golly. Those were the cheapest food we could find all around. I'm damn right SICK of eating fast food like Macdonalds though! I'm pretty sure I eat that at least once per week. Ugh! 

After we were all full and aching to go shopping, we couldn't find ANYTHING good to buy! We had grown old with Japanese kawaii notebooks and stickers! We ended up at a wig store buying hair color clip extensions! Bec got a red one, and I got pink and auburn! Yummers. Plus, I'm SO saving up for a proper wig (hopefully specially for cosplay)! 

After that, we set off to another shopping mall before we went home. Just as we were about to go to our final destination (the toy section, believe it or not!), Bec's left flip-flop split at the cross-section! Which meant she couldn't walk properly, and had to drag her left foot if she wanted to keep walking. Plus, we had no idea where they sold shoes suitable for our age in the departmental store! I followed along with her SLOWLY, as she walked. She decided it was easier if she just took off both her flip-flops and walked BAREFOOT as we searched for a new pair of shoes for her to wear home! I laughed myself silly (I felt bad about that after a while!) and tried blocking her feet with my boots from other people who might see her bare feet! 

We managed to find a new pair of pink Sanuk flip-flops which cost 30 bucks! Yay! I lent her twenty bucks though since she did not have enough! We went home after that! Hilarious day!
The two colors of hair extensions I got! Cotton-candy pink and auburn! My newest obsessions! 
And now! More news on the upcoming second season of Glee! Previously, the producers have been talking about an episode paying homage to Britney Spears! Looks like it might really be in the works now! Recently, Lea Michelle, the ever-dramatic, power chords-belting Rachel Berry has been seen on the set of Glee dressed exactly similar to Britney on her (Hit Me)Baby, One More Time music video - a yellow sports top, maroon track pants and white sports shoes! Can't wait to see the Glee cast version of that song!

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. “ 
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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  1. Barefoot shopping was "IN" during the late 1960s and early 1970s - you could see quite a few young people going barefoot everywhere, and that included shopping. Was quite a fad for a few years, even in New York City.


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