Tuesday, August 10

Throat Trubs

All right, I'm not up for another proper post, and I know this is getting annoying, but still, I'd vowed to blog daily anyways. So... my initial 40 Celsius degrees fever went down! But that was only after swallowing down many twice-per-time tablets (which just made my throat hurt each time) and drinking more water (even worse) and ice to my forehead and neck (brainfreeze! It really hurt after awhile)...

After that whole episode, my throat started to hurt so bad whenever I swallowed, drank, ate or talked! It burned when I did those and felt like something was lodged in my throat. I'm starting to get images of tubes down my throat and surgery if it was really serious... If it does, I sincerely hope I'm given an anesthetic! Not a fan of tubes or surgical instruments and whatnot!

Here's a little random photo to "lighten" the mood. Edward Cullen just looks plain pervs here. Poor Ginny.
“Success comes in cans, not cant's.” 
- Author Unknown

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