Wednesday, August 11

Mad for Boots

Okay, I've never exactly declared my obsession with shoes, most particularly boots. Since I'm a li'l outta inspiration these days, thought I'd just blog about these trivial stuff! Anyways, I currently own 4 pairs of boots (my first ever pair got thrown away years ago - it was peeling) and I'm gonna get 2 more pairs tomorrow when my aunt, uncle and gran come back from Taiwan (never been there, but apparently they speak mostly Chinese and probably god-knows-what-dialect)!! I just realized that NONE of my boots were bought locally! My black leather motorcycle boors was bought in China made out of cow hide (I was teased as a farmer -.-), which looks a little like this:
Then I bought 2 more pairs in I-Totally-forgot-where - a brown suede boot with hard platforms and a purple suede one. Couldn't find pictures of these on the net! And my most recent one: Uggs! At least I think they are, without REAL sheepskin for God's sake. Got them in Japan. They look a tad like this:
Now, here are some of my favourite boots I'm dying for!!
A good classic black Dr Martens!
Still, I love the other colors! Just wish I could afford them all!
Doona socks! Just love the ballet slippers and boots! They look hell comfy!
...Like in this picture!
I want these...
...but she'd probably look better in them!
Now to cosplay platform boots! This pink one is just awesome!
Probably for the cosplay lolitas or goths. Still lovin' this!
OMGGGG. I want ALL OF THEM! Flat-heeled colored suedes are just the way I love 'em...
...And branded classic boots like this one from Gucci!
Short moccasin boots! Totally heart the little fringes around the side!

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- C. S. Lewis

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  1. What are the biker boots called or brand or whatever: where can i buy them?
    Thank you!!


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