Thursday, August 12


All right - I officially CANNOT TALK, thanks to my stupid persisting throat problem. The left side of my throat seems like there's something lodged in there and can't get out. So whenever I eat, drink or swallow, it HURTS. Bad. Then my ears ring. How the F*** am I gonna get through life without an appetite and it hurts whenever I drink even water?! I CAN'T I tell ya!

Of course, I thought of going to the doctor's, but I'm awfully scared what the results might be.... A minor surgery? Amputating my throat (okay, I know this is impossible without killing me first)? But I seriously hope it's nothing SERIOUS!! I mean, my 18th birthday is coming up in a couple more days (SIX!!!!) and I won't be able to have a good time eating at restaurants and searching for my birthday gifts if I can't talk or eat and drink without having to keep my neck and head hung down so it doesn't hurt as much. Bother.

Anyways, I'd mentioned yesterday my aunt, uncle and Gran were back from Taiwan (wherever that is) and they'd got me the swag!! Some tops too but I'm too lazy to take pictures. Here's what I got:
How cute is the packaging? Chopsticks on the outside! No idea what was in there at first...
A bento box with hard rock candy made into the shape of kappa (cucumber) sushi, marshmallows and some gummies! Yummers!
And my two pairs of new boots!! Love 'em!
Black leather! My first pair of knee-high boots too!

This one's sort of a musky brown suede boot with faux fur on the edges and li'l pom poms on the side! Sheepskin on the inside...

"To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail." 
- Abraham Maslow

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