Friday, August 13

At the Doc's

Finally went to the doctor's with my mother at night! I was pretty nervous before that - scared that I'll need some minor surgery or something with my throat. Turn out I've got post-nasal (or natal?! Wait that is some preggers term right?) drip, where it is supposed to be a runny nose - just that it goes the other way, not out of the nose, but into the throat. So apparently, my throat's swelling or there's an infection or summat. Hopefully this was an honest-to-goodness consultation, or that the doctor wasn't wrong or anything... 'Cos the whole doctor's visit cost my mother SEVENTY-THREE BUCKS!! That included the consultation and the prescription meds of course. I signed up for an all syrupy liquid medication - I couldn't exactly swallow at all now without feeling hurt in my throat and total dryness there. I really hope I can get well soon before my birthday (in 5 days time!!!). This throat would just totally ruin my 18th birthday, I just know it. UGH! Rant's over.
"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." 
- André Gide

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