Saturday, September 18

Give me a Title

Went out with Becky today, to accompany her to get Royce chocolates for her mother's birthday -  which happens to be today! Lucky her - she gets to eat at the Italiano restaurant for the birthday dinner tonight! I just realised today's 17 September, exactly a month after my own birthday! 'How time flies' - is the classic phrase. 

We went to town to get food first. We settled for less, since there wasn't really much for us to spend. But at least Bec has got 300 bucks of her salary to look forward to in a month! I've got, well, NOTHING! 

We got some sushi (mine were corn and something else. I can't remember now! Bec got a pack of 6 Kappa Maki, which means cucumber sushi in Japanese!) and tried out Cheese and Chocolate mochi from the bakery. Mochi is also a Japanese creation - it's this glutinous rice pounded into paste and moulded into this ball with a little bit of a crown at the top. They actually pound mochi manually in Japan - it could even be done at home in winter! I'm not sure about here though. 

Okay, mentioning about Mochi now reminds me of my recently deceased remaining hamster. I miss her and Pudding so, and I still pray for them every single night! 

We sat at a bench beside a lady reading the newspaper (she remained there long after we'd got up and left) outside a lingerie part of the departmental store. We were laughing at the people shopping for their undergarments. Mean, I know.

After we were done eating, we called up a number looking for jobs (I'm desperately in need of one!) - and this one was apparently door-to-door sales. Def not easy. I mean, would you buy from a stranger at your door? I doubt it. Plus it was a night shift. We decided to go ahead with it but the guy didn't reply to us after exchanging several texts about training and interviews and so on. Plus, we were wondering if he decided not to hire us after all (we thought we'd asked one too many questions!). Even if he did, it's still rude not to reply to say we were declined from the job! Hmph!

Anyways, below is a photo I took of the poster I bought from SPCA for just a dollar! It looked so pretty until my brother WROTE on it! Just take a closer look at the puppy's tongue! Ugh! He wrote 'Lick' on it.
"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." 
- Nelson Mandela

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