Sunday, September 19

Day Out with Cuz

Well, decided to go out in the noon for a bit with my cuz before I keep her company at the store she worked at which my mother and I visited just a week ago! 

Met her at 'The Harbor' at late one plus, since she missed her bus, so I walked around in the malls linked and all. Viewed some National Geographic antiques and some photographs shot in the Antarctic or Arctic of cute animals like polar bears and royal emperor penguins and stuff like that, all in their natural habitat! There was even one of an ACTUAL, LAUGHING seal! How adorable is that?

Anyways, my cuz suddenly craved for dessert, so we headed into the first cafe we saw (just directly in front of us when she spoke up) which looked like it might sell ice-cream. It did. We headed in, and I felt hungry all over again, even though I had a late lunch back home!
So I ordered an extra waffle fries (photos below) coated in nacho cheese (yummers!!) and sour cream (bleargh). My cuz also shared a chocolate ice-cream with moi! It had a vanilla scoop at the top, with some fudge sauce lining the entire perimeter of the ice-cream, and there were toppings like mini Oreo cookies, choco balls, and chocolate cubed  bread??! I've no idea what that was, but I def rate it a perfect ten! The waffle fries were fine too, not that out of the ordinary, if ya know what I mean. Anyways, the photos below were pretty poor quality, I admit. I really should bring a proper camera whenever I go out - my phone's camera stinks. The only seemingly photo-worthy was the one of the waffle fries!
We shared a dessert...
...and the side order! Yummers. That being said, we spilt the cost of the bill too.

We hung around for a bit even after we'd long finished eating and paid the bill, horsing around with my iPad! My cuz liked the racing games, especially. Haha.

We walked around for a bit before we headed off to the shop, which was a station away. I hate boarding crowded trains! I mean, who doesn't? Everybody pushes, clamoring to squeeze in before the doors shut and they'd have to wait a really looooong and totally-time-waster mere five minutes! What's up with that?

We stayed in the shop from five to approx. 6.45, and then closed the shop (I left my iPad in the store, so I was feeling pretty nervous all the way till we got back) to get out to buy our dinner! We decided sushi was the cheapest, and got some fro-yo to go with! Love 'em! We both got the peach flavored one, then headed back to the shop. We ate right behind the counter!
This is what our dinner came down to... Fro-yo and sushi (not in picture)!
My fro-yo, topped with Fruity Pebbles!
My cuz's fro-yo, topped with NUTS!

After we ate, we stayed a little while longer before she completely closed the shop close to nine! I'd forgotten there was some irksome train disruption which just so "luckily" happened to cross paths with the route I usually take back home. Gah. Had to take the opposite line to my station, and the approx. time for that was a whopping 50 MINUTES! I was pissed off when my cuz stepped down from the train just 5 stops later and I hadn't. Plus, it's not like I could sit, even though there were some seats available after several (many!) stations. Not like those reserved-seat hoggers and those poor oldies were standing by those seats, fervently hoping for a seat.

As I was walking to the bus interchange after I'd gotten down from the train, I saw in the dark, where all the bikes are usually locked in the day, a man who looked rather drunken, kicking a small kid around, yelling at him to get up, even though he was already crying on the ground. What injustice this world has. Inhuman suckers like this are probably gonna get sent to the depths of hell. It was too bad I couldn't do anything - my heart could only ache for that poor boy. But as I walked a little further from that heartless scene, I saw a pair of po-pos! Hopefully they were on their way to arrest him. Or they'd happen to come across that same scene (I don't imagine the man would've stopped kicking the boy during that time) and arrest him anyways.

The charm bracelet in my cuz's store that I'm eyeing! After the discounts, it costs 13 bucks! I'll get this next time! I really should start seeking out random charms I scattered around my room from before.

"Men are slower to recognize blessings than evils." 
- Titus Livius

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