Monday, September 20

FML (I'm slow learning such acronyms)

God, yes! Finally gotten hold of a suitable title for today's post! Been feelin' a big chunk of writers' block lately. Anyways, just in case there are others slower than me in learning today's urban abbrevs, slang, acronyms (whatever works), FML means "F*** My Life"! I should guess you know what F there really stands for! Anyways, as I was researching the meaning of this acronym, I came across another cool one!
MTFBWY = "May The Force Be With You"

Anyways, time to relate this blog post rightfully to the title! I was home Sunday morning, preparing to go for music class in the afternoon,  and fervently praying my father would miraculously leave so I can practice my pieces in piece. No such luck.

When I was playing with Smule's Magic Piano on my iPad, my father came in the room and went all, "Selecting what songs? Don't play games on your iPad!" I rolled my eyes after he left. As Bec put it so clearly herself, "What's an iPad for if you can't play games!"

A little after that, my mother asked me if I wanted lunch, I merely nodded and headed straight to my closet to prep for my music class later. My father thought I was giving an "ATTITUDE" when I clearly wasn't (even if I was, it was because of his presence that really irked me) and yelled at me - again. He even threatened that I should just give up studying How the hell is that even related?! God. I can't stand people like that.

Anyways, I waited pretty long for my music class to start - I was there too early again! When my teacher finally appeared, she told me the results from my grade exam just a month ago was ready for collection! Not the certificate though - that'd have to wait. Anyways, I didn't think I'd get a Merit, much less a distinction this time 'round again. I'd gotten just a PASS last year! But that was because I was nervous as hell and I'd messed up the registrations all wrongly... And I was really nervous. I snapped a shot of my results slip!
Overview of my marks! I got 17 outta 20 for 2 pieces and 19 out of 20 for the final piece! Phew. Too bad I slipped up a little. Look close at the bottom right corner - the distinction is minimum 85%!! And I got.. 82 out of 100! Darn 3 marks and I coulda get a distinction! It was all thanks to my sucky aural marks - 2 outta 8, as seen above. Even my teacher said my aural test was lousy. Lol. I only got a question for aural right.
Pathetic, I know. Anyways, my mother finally got me Ben & Jerry tubs while out getting dinner for us! Thank goodness! I've missed ice-cream SO MUCH. She got the Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavs. Yummers! And no big surprise, while eating the chocolate fudge brownie one out of an ice-cream cone, I got chocolate a little down my shirt and my arm!
A blood line? Coated in chocolate! It ran all the way down to my elbow!

"We must travel in the direction of our fear." 
- John Berryman

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