Tuesday, September 21

Day of the Job Interviews

Went through TWO job interviews today - thanks to Bec! The first one was for a telemarketing job for an insurance company! This one was apparently really far off, in the central business district areas, so the place was pretty foreign to us. Still, we managed to find a way to go there! A direct bus for moi from my house! Still, it took over an hour till the end of the bus route - Bec came on my bus a little farther down and I actually missed the first bus which came across and waited another 20 minutes for the next!

We reached the end of the route at the interchange, which is almost in the middle-of-nowhere. We contemplated for a bit standing where we dropped off at the stop, then began walking to the main road where all the business buildings were! Used the Maps app on my iPad, so that came in pretty handy - even though we were both hopeless in reading maps, really.

We reached the building - really tall, Fuji Xerox Towers! We headed to the loo before we approached the info counter to the side of the many lifts. We had no idea which one would go up to the seventh floor. We found the office - pretty deep with narrow, claustrophobic corridors. We stood outside and tried the intercom thingy - didn't work. Bec called the person and she (thankfully a 'she') came up to the door. We were given forms to fill up, and a script of some sort! I suddenly remembered I didn't bring a pen to the interview - we got kinda scolded during our last interview together at this Thai restaurant for not bringing a pen. (We didn't get hired thankfully - I've never liked Thai food anyways, and we needed to get an injection for the job!) The woman gave us stationery without reprimanding us, thank God.

We took pretty long filling up the forms! I didn't even have much experience in working when they asked in the forms about previous jobs and salaries and stuff like that. Darn. After we were done with the forms, the lady invited us into a tiny room for the interview. She asked Bec most of the questions (same goes for the 2nd interview later in the day!) and talked about the high rejection rates we were going to experience calling 100-200 numbers a night. For every successful appointment we made, we get 10 bucks! None and that's just 7 per hour! Still, that's not too bad I s'pose. If it were a work-from-home thingy, we'd only get paid if we hook 'em up with appointments, which is basically (ugh!) zero chance of that ever happening.

The interview was pretty short and we left after that and headed for a second job interview. Thankfully there were loads of buses that goes there so that worked out well for us. We headed to eat KFC first (yummers I miss their cheese fries!), though not before we headed to this scrapbooking store! I wish I could afford scrapbooking - I would so take up this hobby then!

After that, off we went to the next interview! To cut the long story short, we were apparently too young for the job (19 to 21 so it seems - they didn't state it in the newspaper ad!) and there's little chance of me getting this one! The interviewer even asked about our families and school and our extra-curriculars!

Well, I've typed plenty already - so I'm gonna go enjoy some Ben & Jerry's to perk myself up! Dead exhausted walking around all day!

Ciao xx

"For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?" 
- James Allen

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