Wednesday, September 22

Boots Obsessed

Decided to hang out at my cuz's store for an entire day today again! I also brought extra cash for a new pair of boots from Forever 21, but didn't get it in the end. I wish I took a photo of those boots so I can put it here - but all I can say about is - brown suede ankle boots (no heels!) with a brown bow ribbon at the side! Totally pretty if you visualize it this way! Plus it was only 39 bucks! I got a gold necklace instead - and my cousin did too! We got the same designs - but I wish I'd chosen silver instead! I mean, it's so HARD to match gold with what little clothes I have in my closet!

I'm still thinking if I should get that pair of boots. I currently own SIX pairs of boots (all from overseas - I don't exactly wanna break that cycle!) I mean, a girl can never have enough shoes right (or so my cuz states)? 
Long profile of my gold necklace (9 bucks only!) from Forever 21! I wish I chose silver though... (my cuz got the similar silver one!)
Some ribbon accents to the necklace! 
A golden key and a heart with a Bible scripture on it!
We got fro-yo again! I had mine without toppings this time 'round! Mine started melting a tad too fast. 
Fish and fries for dinner too!

Reached home close to nine and found my brother had blocked the door to the study with my IKEA white bookshelf. What a sucker. We managed to push the door for us to slip into the room. By the time my mother pushed the shelf back to its original position, the entire thing was totally wrecked and wobbled all over. The cardboard at the back came out too. Such an arse.
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." 
- Oscar Wilde

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