Thursday, September 23

Directionless Blog

I've no idea where this particular blog of mine is heading... Uusally, blogs have just a sole purpose or general genre right? Well, mine takes a little bit of everything in life - and BAM! Nothing comes out of it. Sure, I blog DAILY, but what use is that if this blog doesn't have an exact aim or purpose? 

So I've been thinking lately - I seem to be blogging about food a lot!  Checked the labels on my blog - 49 tags on food! That's pretty much, considering how much I've been eating (and wanting to eat half the time) lately. I'm baffled - do our appetites grow bigger as we get older? If I'm not careful, I could have triple chins by the time I'm eighty (if I lived that long)!

Also, I know this might sound totally impossible (it is not really) for a girl who is already legal to drink and get into jail, but I've never cooked so far in my life! All right, except in home ec, but that wasn't much and we had partners for that and I barely did the real cooking. The farthest I came to cooking was whipping up several sandwiches with gross ingredients in between in home ec - and adding hot water to insta noodles. 

I've never even baked, like Bec who made scones this morning! So a food blog (no matter how much I blog about what I eat whenever I go out on a shopping spree and end up splitting all my cash on restaurants and small eateries) is a definite no-no. That'd just bore people out more than it already has!
Scones made by Bec. Looks pretty prof to me, like a top chef creation! 
Credit: Bec-touille

I'll be busy trying to think of what this blog should aim to focus on, so I'll keep this space posted on my thoughts about that! 

Anyways, went out with my cuz again today, this time to the Upper East side - just so she can get a cheaper by 5 bucks bag (It was sold out when we got there - which made this outing pointless, really, except for the food!) I waited really long (20 minutes approx) for the bus at the front of my house, another ten minutes for the next bus to where I was supposed to meet my cuz, and close to an hour reaching there! My cuz decided to take a bus instead of the train to the East where we'd planned... Bad move! We got there after an hour and a half! Wasted so much of my time!

The place was pretty boring, and we ate dinner at a restaurant before we both headed home. At least my cuz came up with the plan of taking to the final station of the line (just 1 stop away!) and then remaining in the train till it continues the journey back again! We get seats this way! Phew. It was another long journey back on the train for me - but at least I wasn't standing all the way now!
Mac n' cheese I had for the main course! 12 bucks plus, so not worth it! I almost puked, and left a lot of the shitake mushrooms untouched! Too much cream, but I loved the cheese!

The remains.

"It’s not that I’m afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens." 
- Woody Allen

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