Thursday, September 23

EXCLUSIVE! Harry Potter 7 Part One Set Photos

Okay, most of them are probably seen in the newest, second trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Scroll to the bottom for the movie posters and trailers! 

Watching the trailers (I included the first and second official trailers at the foot of this post!), I realized I don't really remember the story in Deathly Hallows... Guess it's time for me to whip out my own book and start recapping my memory before the first part of this epic worldwide phenomemon (quoted from the trailer!) premieres November 19 2010! FYI, the second part comes out in July 2011! Eeeep can't wait!

Personally, not exactly a fan of the Ron-Hermione ship! But they're all right I s'pose!

The Quibbler front page! Not sure if this is actually a prop in the actual movie though...

The official movie poster!

Voldemort has no nose - now that's truly scary.

My fave poster of all!

Would you watch Harry Potter in 3D?

The first official trailer!
The second, newly released trailer! I personally prefer this one!

"After a storm comes a calm."
- Matthew Henry

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