Saturday, September 25

Friday Night

Yep, it's a Friday night, and I'm on Tumblr! (If the picture below doesn't explain it, I don't know what will!) I haven't got any juicy story up my sleeve, or anything else good either, so I've posted some pictures that best describe how I'm feeling lately!

And darn, still no word on the job interviews Bec and I went to days ago. Except this lady who called and offered a job with one of the carriers (you know, those that sell mobile phones and data plans and stuff). I said I'd think about it and call her back. When I hung up, I remembered then my mother had cancelled the caller ID on my cell (no doubt to save costs). Apparently, it was from one of the interviews we went to, but I didn't know which. The woman's voice was all jumbled up on the line. Probably ain't the insurance one. I guess I'll still be penniless for oh I don't know, the rest of my life.
This is a cute photo. Microsoft paperclips FTW!
Aww the kitty grew up so fast... *wipes away tears*
Always had a thing for lop-eared bunnies!
I'll keep silent here to allow the cuteness of this piglet to explode your brain.
Rainbow cake! Now where can I get one like that?
Cutest cupcakes I've seen!!!
As grossed out as I might be, I decided to just put it up here anyway, you can't miss this! Just watch Glee's Season 2 first episode to get the drift of this piechart.
Also taken from Glee 2x01! Not a big fan of the newbies in this show (i.e. the naked dude at the top who apparently has a big mouth as stated by Puck). Charice Pempengco is all right though. 
Best. Photoshoot. EVER! 

"It is now beyond any doubt that cigarettes are the biggest cause of statistics."
- Unknown

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