Saturday, September 25

DJ Kitteh and Panda Cheese

Hopefully you got lured to reading this as-usual-crappy post through the somewhat-"interesting, weird" title! But really, they are just descriptive titles for the videos from YouTube which are too mad rad not to share here!

Press play on the first video below first. What you'll see is a kitty with mad turntable skills! A lot of people have commented stuff like "poor cat" or "this is animal cruelty!" No idea how the owner of this impressive cat taught him how to DJ (perhaps like litter box training?) but hopefully the cat wasn't exactly forced to do what he didn't want to! Plus, just look at the kitty's expression while he was spinning it up! A look of pure disdain with not a care in the world! Still, I gotta say it's a remarkable kitty cat there!
For the second vid! It's a commercial from Egypt actually, and I've taken liberty to include the translations (okay, so it was just a few lines) below the video! There are several related videos like that (you may click on them after the ad finishes) with different situations, and they all teach us a valuable lesson - "Never Say No to Panda!" While watching, note closely the panda. It looks just creepy to me. And it appears out of nowhere in all the related ads!
Kid: Dad, why don't we get some panda cheese?
Dad: Enough! That's too much already.
(Personal Note: Loved it when the panda got all ready to wreck havoc!)

Anyways, my 'rents are out of town (nope, no secret party or whatsoever going on here)! They're just going for 3 days and they took off on a plane bright and early. Updating later when I get home from music and my Wendy's teatime meal with Becky!

I feel like swimming so darn badly when I came home, though I'm not even sure if my swimsuit fits me anymore (haven't swam since early last year!) - what with the ginormous appetite I've got lately! So I felt lazy to even try on my swimsuit (or to find my goggles) and winding up typing up a storm in front my computer screen.

Got my certificate for the music exam - finally! As I've mentioned, I was THREE firetruckin' (yes, SMOSH has left its mark on me. See the related video here and more examples here) marks away from a distinction!! Hurried to catch the train 3 stops away to meet Bec for Wendy's! We didn't exactly munch fully Wendy's in the end... Bec ordered a whole meal at KFC and I - cheese fries from KFC too (which I later regretted)!

We tried finding Wendy's everywhere (not exactly - just across the vast first floor!) and turns out it was outdoors! Thank goodness we asked the security for directions! Bec tried extremely hard to conceal her KFC meal from the Wendy's staff, and we freaked when the manager of Wendy's walked by outside where we were sitting - and when the workers came to clear trays. She even took my soda drink when they walked by! Hilarious!

We went back into the shopping mall once we were done eating, and guess what we got? (for once, we didn't spend totally on FOOD!) Vintage postage stickers for just a buck twenty! Bec got one with themes like 'Gone with the Wind' and stuff. This is mine (excuse the bad lighting - my camera blacked out and I've no idea where the charger is! Used my crappy camera phone instead):
 Pretty worth it for 1.20 eh? Gonna try finding a vintage notebook to stick these stickers on!
My fave one of all amongst them! 
 "I thought clay must feel happy in the good potter's hand."
- Janet Fitch

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