Monday, September 27

Sunday Painting

Stayed home the entire day today! My brother made me paint his woodwork for school in colors blue, black and white, so my fingers kinda ended up blue-black as well. He finally took the chance to play my iPad, and he bought an app - Fruit Ninja HD. It costs 4.99 for this, while the iPhone version is only 99c. I claimed there's a cheaper version and he went, "so?" He forced me to type in my iTunes password, or else he'd crush my iPad. Still, what choice do I have? So telling my mother it was him when she gets the bill! Fruit Ninja is pretty cool though - even though it costs just a little pricey.

Anyways, below are some of the photos I took along the way. Painted over a span of 4 to 5 hours - not all the way of course. Lots of snacking and sorts in between!
 Started out painting the top blue. It was easier compared to the sides with lots of holes and dents in between!
 Pretty rough getting paint to the insides and corners.
 The wheel painted white.
The plane, painted white and the windows black!
Done and done!

"There grows no wheat where there is no grain."
- Proverb

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