Thursday, September 16

Job-Hunting Fail

I went to Bec's house bright and early this morning. Too bad it was raining already! It's during these days when my leather boots come so handy! Anyways, this time 'round, I managed to find my way to her house by myself! I've gotten back my sense of direction, hurrah!

I waited for a bit in front of her gate under my umbrella (*cue Rihanna's Umbrella hit single), since it was still raining and there was no reply from her cell that she was coming down from her blogging business to let me in. Then, I got a little bored waiting (like, a minute or two) and tried the gate. I pulled the latch, and yay, it's unlocked! (it usually is.) Then I went under the shelter at the porch of her home and waited, dumping my wet brolly on the ground.

She finally came through, and we went up to her parent's bedroom and watched Camp Rock 2 she'd recorded from Disney Channel! It was even more BORING watching it the second time 'round. Somehow, this sequel to Camp Rock didn't have much of a plot (according to Bec), there was practically a new song every 5 to 10 minutes in the entire movie (I've only got 2 soundtracks from this movie that I like) and the fact that when we watched Camp Rock 2 earlier, Bec and I kept LAUGHING whenever Chloe Bridges came on (that's the girl playing Dana, from Camp Star, and Nick Jonas' (Nate) love interest in the movie). She has very distracting lips. Bec compares hers to Angelina Jolie's, but in my opinion, it's worse. Not that I've anything against Chloe Bridges. I'd liked her as Ashley in Legally Blondes!

Anyways, I got to eat penne pasta her maid cooked for us! Loved it, especially the solid cheddar cheese she added! I'm always eating at her house - I feel so terribly guilty.

We then delayed a little playing games on my iPad before we left for the job interview she'd helped us set up the day before as a sales promoter in Chinatown! I only just found out today it would be vacuum cleaners. Rare job, is all I can say.

We left approximately one in the afternoon and took some time trying to figure how to go to the place. We did manage to, a little after two! The office didn't seem shady or anything weird, and the company wasn't even selling ordinary vacuum! It was one of those with robotic functions and act like one - with the added advantage of being able to vacuum the floor!

We went in, and the boss seemed pretty friendly. We sat down and she asked if we were students. Then right after, came the question that ended it all - 'Would you be able to commit for a minimum of three months?'

Bec spoke up, and said 'How about 1 week?' We were refused right there and then. But at least the boss apologized to us and said sorry for coming all the way here. Gah. Guess that's a flop. The hole in my pocket burned bigger and brighter than ever before.

We decided to go to another train station after that at the Central and explore for a bit. Major disappointment, twice today! It was filled with nothing but food. Of course, there were other stores with shopping and stuff but they weren't very many. But some of my faves were those which sold Japanese clothing (think floral, countryside pink themes!) and stocked totally classy boots in the window display! Too bad I couldn't afford the rad Wellingtons that cost a 119 bucks! Those would so come in handy on rainy days like these!

We walked along the Boat Quay outside the mall, in search of food no doubt. Most of them were closed, or setting up tables along the pier for evening business. We walked back to the mall and decided to go for the Fish Market we ate previous.

I didn't order a main course this time! I went for Fried Calamari (squid rings which I couldn't finish and had to get it for take-away later on!) which cost a whoppin' 8.90 and Tiramisu, at 6.90! I got pretty sick eating the tiramisu after a bit and Bec did too, and I only managed to finish three-quarters of it. What a waste! The coffee taste in it was just too strong to handle. I've never really liked coffee, or caffeine for that matter.
The Tiramisu! Love the waffle stick through the handle!
Fried Calamari! Lovin' the mini wok it got served in!

The 2 photos above show Bec's remains of her Cheeky Manhattan Fish & Chips! I'll admit - I had a fair share of her fries too.
So basically (yup, I should definitely stop using this word. I'm trying to replace that with 'technically' now), all we spent on today was food. Darn.

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be lived.” 
- Dexter Morgan

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