Wednesday, September 15

Appy Screenshots

Gonna show some random apps screenshots taken on my iPad! Didn't have too much time playing my iPad today. Bright and early, when I woke, my father made me pack the drawers and stuff! He wanted me to pack the entire room by TONIGHT! How crazy does that sound?

Plus when he went out and came home in the evening, he actually SCOLDED me for not finishing the packing (I did a couple of drawers and some random places on my study table!) I'm not gonna harp on this too much - I'm feeling much too pissed as it is. Plus, he said I can't work (or find a job) 'till I pack the room! Double craziness. 
A screenshot of some apps on my iPad right now!
The Glee app by smule! It's pretty cool, except that you gotta pay 99c for each Glee song you want to add in-app!
I've only got the Alice for the iPad lite versh! That's only 25 pages!! I'm exasperated. The full versh - 249 pages, cost 8.99! I'll have to wait a li'l before I buy that - my mother wouldn't like such expensive bills after she'd only just spent so much on the iPad itself!
Poke my Voo Doo Lite (yes, free)! Pretty cool, especially the love and hexes part. I drilled a nail into the doll's head here.
The Octopus tells your fate - just give it two choices. Too bad the Germans for the FIFA World Cup 2010 didn't have this app - Paul the Octopus wouldn't have felt the tension then, or nearly gotten killed by the Germans for its dead-on prediction. FYI! Just in case you were wondering... I did some quick research with the facts above - I've seriously no interest in football or ever will.
Doodle Hangman! Love this version!
Epic Citadel can't get any more epic than this. It's not a game, or another rule-the-world app - you just wander around the entire perimeter of the castle and town, inside and out! I get pretty dizzy after a bit navigating, getting stuck at dead ends. But I've to admit the graphics are totally awesome.
Some of the books on my bookshelf on iBooks!
The free copy of Winnie-the-Pooh when you download the iBooks app! Love the story!
Paid 99c for this - but it's really worth it for just a dollar! The tips in it are pretty useful and unheard of, and on just about any subject that has to do with the iPad!
Coin Dozer is a free app, but still really fun! Even if you run out of coins while playing, it replenishes one coin every 30 seconds, and when you're offline (yes, even when you shut down the iPad) the coins also replenishes by themselves! But the max replenishment is 40 coins - so that's one downside. Soooo much easier than the real coin slotting machine!

"A goal is a dream with a deadline." 
- Napoleon Hill  

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