Friday, October 1

Souvenirs from Nippon

Nothing much going on in my life lately - been lying in bed the entire day nearly! So likewise, nothing much to blog about either! Darn it. Anyways, my mother came home with some souvenirs her Japanese colleague got in her homeland - a.k.a the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan if you haven't already figured it out)! 

What I got were bookmarks with the character 'Sakura Panda' - and no, I haven't heard of it, strangely enough... I've a fetish with cute characters of all kinds - those that appear on notebooks, pens, erasers, files and such! Still, the Japanese was nice enough, and I'd only seen her once, when she came to our house.
The bookmarks from Japan! Two sets!
I love this picture. It just speaks for itself.

"Lots of ground has been plowed by balky horses."
- Unknown
(These quotes I post aren't supposed to make any sense anymore)

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