Saturday, October 2

First, Real Job

Well, it's officially October 1st today! OMGOSH 2010 is whipping by so quickly, but I'm kinda glad in a way. It's hard to put into words if I've to explain why, so I ain't gonna bother. 
Anyways, met Beck in the afternoon so we could head to the East for our job interview. Apparently, the person Bec had been communicating with for the job deets was extremely vague - he/she (she wasn't quite sure either) wouldn't tell the name of the shop even! The person only told her the interview would be at 2.30 only at noon! Now where would that give us time to travel that far and be on time? So naturally, we were pretty late (try 3.30 late!) I waited extremely long for my bus (and that is why I absolutely abhor public transportation!) and Bec and I both got pretty pissed when I missed the first one. Understandable.

We took the train (approx. 42 minutes golly!) and went to find the shop. We had to look at the directory to find the shop unit - and we found out it was actually a NAIL PARLOR!! Naturally, the shop was called Posh Nails. Gah.

We were feeling pretty nervous by then - we were actually looking for the jobs as promoters or telemarketers and why would a little nail parlor store require that? We went for it anyways.

Turns out there wasn't even an interview!! Bec just spoke with the manager on the PHONE and we sent our personal particulars to her through our cells. Then what use was there travelling that far just to do that?!! Still, we got the job immediately. We didn't even fill up forms (which is not actually a good sign, Bec says.)!

When we left the building (after getting orange pops and hazelnut ice-cream and buying Selena Gomez's new deluxe ed album ), Bec messaged the manager of the shop and asked how much we are paid by the hour. She evaded our question. What she replied went something like this,
"It's attractive. I'm busy now - will tell you on Monday." 
(FYI, we are supposed to start work Monday, all black dress code, for a week!) Getting more sneaky by the minute doesn't it? We aren't even sure if they'd pay us (judging how small this business seems to be, even if there are three branches), so Bec's saving all the messages as proof. I just hope they aren't gonna make us do the dirty work (like cleaning off dirty foot water from scrubbing customers' feet)!
Lovin' this cover! The songs on them are totally rad! Plus, Katy Perry wrote one of the songs in this record - Rock God!
The lyrics book and the back cover! Bec laughed at this. Selena looking into the far distance with her hands like that...
The free gift that came with... -.- It's actually a photo album. I would have preferred a poster really.

"To err is human, the blame the next guy even more so."
- Unknown

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