Sunday, October 3

Shhh, Just Come

Props to moi for thinking of such a genius, related title for this blog post! (This is the humblest way I can phrase it.) Anyways, if you're wondering how that's relevant, read the first three pictures below! I love the Teletubbies one especially!
This always friggin' happen to me!! Why don't I ever learn?
Converse in neon colors! Love the combi!
Probably a fan-made poster for the movie - so I'm not exactly sure if this girl (pretty and all innocent b-t-dubs!) is actually the one cast as Renesmee Cullen, half-human and half-vampire, daughter of Bella and Edward Cullen! I'm sure you've heard of those by now.

"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."
- Sir Winston Churchill
(No idea how this is at all relevant to me - never had a drink, never planning to drink, never gonna drink! I guess I'm running out on quotes like I am on topics to blog about.)

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