Monday, October 4

Why do Dogs Leave Earth first?

A pretty rad article below to share - this just proves how senseless and dumb we get as we grow older. Kids have all the brains and total wit, perception and wisdom these days. The child as in the article spoke true, probable words about why God created dogs which have a shorter lifespan than humans - now just read it (Double-click to enlarge)!
I completely agree with this kid. And there you have it, probably the most ingenious answer to why dogs live shorter than us humans (I wish they included hamsters in the list...)!
"Dogs already know how to live how a good life - like loving everybody and being nice, so they don't have to stay as long."

Anyways, my music teacher told me I could end my music theory lesson already by the end of this month. Felt pretty upset for some reason. If there is no way I can continue through Grade 6 to 8 there, guess I might ask my mother to get me tuition for that! At least, if all else fails and I can't get my dream job as a novelist, playwright, screenwriter or astronomer (no way, I know!), I still have several more options in music theory! I feel all depressed thinking about the future, really.

After the music lesson, I met my mother to get a haircut! Obvs, haven't had a cut in half a year now, so you can imagine the lengthy locks I'd have. Feel kinda sad chopping 'em off - but at least after that, my head would def feel lighter! I used to hate getting my hair cut, and threw tantrums back then. The pressure kinda lightened as I got older (the pressure of getting a bad haircut, if you were wondering).

It turned out all right I s'pose. Thank goodness I only went away with 2in and cut the front short with side bangs. Looks kinda weird to me though...

"There is in all animals a sense of duty that man condescends to call instinct."  
- Robert Brault

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