Tuesday, October 5

Italian Foodie Lover

Had lunch at Trattoria Italian Kitchen at the mall today when I met Bec again! Love the ambience and their food! We were looking at the menu (mostly their prices) and the manager came up and started bribing us in, recommending us set lunches and what we could order. Kinda annoying in that sense. Still, funny dude. He said even if we didn't want to eat there, we can't leave - 'cos we were in his "zone". Golly. Love the food we ordered, but it still came up a hefty sum for me (I'm broke, imagine that), even though both our combined bills came up to only 26! Here's what I ordered! 
Soup of the Day - Cream of Corn!
 My remains - how it looked like before the man took back the plates.

Main Course - Spinach Ravioli
 I didn't think it would turn out a sickly green color. Or that the portions would be that little... Otherwise, it was rather filling and pretty good - the cheese in it.
 I finished the ravioli!!

Bec's Main Course - Potato Gnocchi in Tomato Sauce 
(the name was much fancier than what I remembered on the menu...)
Bec finished hers too - with some help from moi too! Pretty good, soft texture when you chew on it too!

Since we are on the topic of food (which doesn't occur too rarely considering how I'm always blogging about what food I ate lately), here are some photos of some stuff I got to taste recently but haven't had a chance to post them up here yet...
 Chocolate mousse in a cup! Pretty nice! Chocolate cream all around with some chocolate ice-cream within!
 Bird's eye view! Love the little whipped cream!
Rock candy my aunt got me in a set from Taiwan! I swear, these things are gonna be a contributing factor to my poor teeth.

“Mosquitoes remind us that we are not as high up on the food chain as we think.”
- Tom Wilson

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