Wednesday, October 6

Cutesy Poos

Still in the process of searching for inspiration for my blog posts, so it's just photos of waaay adorable animals of all kinds (not just your usual, average pets!) here! They're all my favourites - I can't choose between all these cuties! 

Anyways, Bec finally secured us a 3-day job starting tomorrow! Thank goodness, we've been doing a heck load of traveling around trying to find jobs so we could get money easy quick! Not exactly sure what kinda job it is for now (probably promoting, with some door-to-door work), but the good thing is we get PAID DAILY! We wouldn't even have to wait weeks, or even months to get our paychecks! I hope the next 3 days go by smoothly - it's gonna be the first real job I've ever held. We're gonna have to wear skirts and look "presentable" though... I own practically none at all (except 2 skorts and a red tartan skirt that is def not for workwear)!
One black ear and another beige in color? Too adorbs - and this is the reason I've sworn off pork!
The hamster jazz band!! Awesome miniature instruments there.
A li'l something under your mouth, hammie!
 Cutest bunny face and ears ever.
"Get off'a me" face on the white kitty! Sooo adorable!
 This is one creepy, perverse kitty... I kid!!
 Red Panda.
 Lion King LIVES!
Saved this for the last! Can't help laughing at its constipated expression, love this!!

"When you see a snake, never mind where he came from."
- W. Gurney Benham

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