Tuesday, October 12

Down Goes Another

...another what you may ask? Another job opportunity goes down the drain, that is! Met Bec bright and early in the morning (missed my bus again, darn it!) and set off for town. We made a stop at the shop (Accessorize!) we were gonna work at if the interview comes through when we reached. Bec contemplated this set of 3 rings for 21.90! They were pretty nice - a black rose, a flower pattern and something else I don't exactly remember! (She didn't get them in the end...)

We set off for the office towers after that. We found the company easy enough! But when we went in, we were shot down and exited the office in less than a minute, I'd reckon! We simply asked, "Can we work for just a week?" The woman sitting behind a desk closest to the door said no, the temporary job is supposed to be held till December. We said our thanks and left the office in a jiffy. Guess that's another hope for a job (and most importantly - money!) gone. 

We walked around shopping and went into branded stores looking at trenchcoats, berets, fingerless gloves, boots and legwarmers! Gosh, I want them all, but I wish I could at least afford one of the items! 

When we were about to leave for home, we went into this store with the treble clef sign (the name was too long for me to remember it clearly!) and Bec found these awesome pair of ankle boots (a dark grey or rusty brown color as I recall!) that looked really good! She tried it on and fell in love with it. Too bad it was worth 169 bucks. Bummer.

On the stinky, no-ventilation bus ride home, Bec and I joked about sharing half the costs of the boots - that's 84.50! Then we'd only have one boot each and that ain't gonna work. Plus we were seated at the back of the bus (which made it even worse) next to this gross couple who were making out (I think). Yuk.

We decided to get off and change buses. Best idea ever. The next bus we took was pretty much empty and the blast of air conditioning was total heaven. I'm so updating my wishlist when I get home - but most of it is gonna contain stuff for a complete winter wardrobe!

Anyways, below are some pretty blur photos of a cupcake and brownie Bec and I got at a cafe called Jams. Yummers!
  My All-Choc Cupcake for 4.20, with a macaron on top (still can't figure what flavor it is exactly)! The sides with the chocolate mousse look like poo, doesn't it?
 Bec's Ultimate Mudcake (I forgot the full name of this brownie) for 4.50! Much, much smaller portion than mine, really.
 Bec's plate after 5 minutes... (or less)
 My plate after 5 minutes... (or so!)
Couldn't finish all that chocolate cream. Gah!

"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow." 
- Proverb

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