Sunday, October 10


Only just realised it's an auspicious/lucky day today - 10th of October 2010! 10.10.10! Golly. I guess the next one to look forward to is 11.11.11 next year... So this post will contain 10 of my favorite things - some are not exactly my favorite, but that they are really hilarious or appeal to me... I don't even know what I'm sayin' anymore. 

Anyways, just a little somethin' to read below on a rather important topic... Racism! It's mainly about the 'blacks' or African Americans though... Some are actually pretty common. *Sigh* What has the world come to?
 1. All-round pink cottages that look like the one Hansel & Gretel came across!
 2. Adorable sled puppies!
3. Some of my favorite scenes in Up... SQUIRREL!
4. Watched Bugs Bunny practically my whole life. This was the most memorable one for me!
5. OMG. 360 deg. turn of the head. Love Katy's expression in this one.
6. Hallelujah to fast food.
7. Pancake GIFs FTW!
8. Watching Winnie-the-Pooh dance!
9. Watching the Mad Hatter Futterwacken VIGOROUSLY.
10. Music!

"What poison is to food, self-pity is to life."
- Oliver C. Wilson

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