Sunday, October 10

Heat Wave Moods

Gosh the recent heat wave has really been getting everyone down. It's reaching at almost an all-time high I'd reckon - close to 90 degrees!! Gah I'm dying. Thankfully, I stayed at home all day today, but the heat was blazing even through the windows and all that. I felt like I was in a greenhouse or an oven or something. Not to mention the fact I was thirsting like a Cullen vampire all the time too.

My mother let us turn on the air con in the living room though, so that was much better! Ahhh the wonders of air conditioning... I swear this heat is all global warming talking! I feel like jumping into the pool all the time now, but I've probably outgrown my swimsuit darn.

Anyways, some pretty funny GIFs and stuff with the 'F' word in it. I'm feeling pretty heated up myself. No offense meant.
The bear from Goldilocks you always knew ain't so polite after all.
I've no idea where this woman came from, but this is not cool. A showercap coupled with a ringed middle finger? Lol.
I've always loved this pink-haired girl from Lazytown! But you know she wasn't really swearing when she sings. Adorable chef hat!

"The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr."
- Prophet Muhammad

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