Saturday, October 9

Fainting Spells

My mother just fainted while talking to my brother's tuition teacher at the door (luckily she happened to be there just after she finished tuition with my brother! She helped ice my mother and to get her to lie down and all that)! 

Was kinda worried, but thankfully she didn't have to be admitted into hospital! But then, my father came out (after using the Net on my Mac) and started yelling at my brother and I both for not telling him my mother had fainted. To tell the truth, I hadn't thought of him at all during this time. Lol. Whenever he got angry, he took it out on us. How unfair is that? He started threatening to drop us from our studies and wreck our phones and TV and computer and all that crap again... 

We're all sleeping in our 'rents' bedroom tonight, and I had to change towels on my mother's forehead even though she had no fever. She later told me it was 'cos her sugar levels in the body were low, which was why she blacked out.
This is totally true, no matter how sad this is.
...Simply put, this is just a horse. Don't get your hopes up.
One of my favorite lines in the Harry Potter movies. Ha!

 "A bore is a person who opens his mouth and puts his feats in it." 
- Henry Ford 

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