Friday, October 8

Stop and Stare

It's all about the beautiful things in life! I know the title is one of the hits by 'One Republic', but whatevs! All these photos would make you, well, stop and stare at 'em! Totally crappy sentence there, I know.
All hail Hitler! (I'm no Neo-Nazi FYI!)
Artsy palette!
The magic of Disneyland extends to the waffles too!
Alice Matryoshka dolls!
Fancy tea, anyone?
BEHOLD! The Levitating Kitty! Can't help but be amazed by this.
Even cats dream of walking on the Moon!
The orange color wheel!
The topsy-turvy house. It's in Korea, I reckon.
Paris on canvas.

"Patience is what you require when the fish are not hungry."
- Unknown

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