Friday, October 22

Freebie Pack Packin'

Another short post for today! It's time again to put together yet another 'Freebie Pack' (or FP as we like to call it!) for Bec! Gonna be busy for the rest of the day trying to find stuff (junk for the most part?!) to give! 

And this is what my FP came to in the final part before the end... (I've still a looong letter to write out!) I love the letter paper I'm using! It's some kinda Spanish girl character (and no, it's not Dora the Explorer!). Used lots of packaging in this one... Like the Japanese paper bag which initially contained mochi! 
Anyways, lovin' the Cookie Monster cupcake below! Set it as my new Twitter profile pic too! 
Cutest cookie everrr!! I would so pay fifty bucks for this.
This explains sooo much.
Found this photo from the old movie New York Minute! Always liked Mary-Kate in this!

"Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings."
- Ed Gardner

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