Saturday, October 23

Fudge Brownie Cravings

I've been craving expensive food so much lately - but I got my wish today, when Bec craved for the fudge brownie she got previous at Jams! 
 Delish pictures with Bec's camera of her Ultimate Mudcake Fudge Brownie! Gosh why don't mine have choc chips topped on 'em (The one I ordered is below - Morello Cherry Fudge Brownie)?! Oh gosh I'm getting just positively hungry at all that CHOCOLATE oozing on the top!
Anyways, we initially had plans to go to my house, then it changed to shopping out since there's a storewide 20 discount for privilege card members at Kinokuniya (which I am)! The place sells the most manga I've ever seen anywhere else! Can't forget the chick-lit books and  fortnightly (or monthly?!) flow of magazines too... 

We wound up spending some part of the afternoon at her house! Apparently, there were construction workers whom set up their site just outside her gate from morning - and showed no signs of leaving (Bec thought they were leaving when she saw one truck backing out of the lane - then two more appeared right after). There was even smoke billowing out close to the gate! She didn't know how to get through that construction mess and I ended up walking to her house (a really far walk - I only started perspiring after I reached the place tho).

We watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' (albeit cranking up the volume due to my deafened ears - nearly) and her maid made us Korean spicy noodles. And God, were they spicy! I went through several glasses of ice cold water finishing the entire bowl of noodles!

We only left at 3! We immediately went to Jams, not before stopping to look at stores where we marveled and pined for fingerless knitted gloves and boots (actually made in India!) that cost 169.

I was also starting to crave for macarons. There was one restaurant (you had to queue outside the place to even get in to order those for take-out) which sold all things tea. The macarons no doubt had a trickle of tea hidden in them. Tea doesn't exactly fit well in my book so I decided against buying those. I'd go for the good, old-fashioned macarons if you please.
Rose macarons I had yesterday! (I changed up the colors in the photos a little bit. They were a little off-color at first!)
Hurrah! A new book on the shelves this month! Got it at Kinokuniya so I saved quite a bit. I got a little heartburn spending that much.
I'm hoping this book might be a little useful to me teaching what goes on BTS in Broadway in the Big Apple!

"Gold is worse poison to a man's soul, doing more murders in this loathsome world, than any mortal drug."
- William Shakespeare

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