Friday, October 29

Paws Up!

School was another total bore today, so I'll just blog about cats instead. My interest in cats as an ideal pet kinda dropped after one teacher in school years ago (I can't remember who it was) told us cats have the possibility forgetting who their owners are (even if they are owned by them for many years running!) and this leading to them scratching, biting, yowling... You get the picture. I'm not sure how true that is to a certain extent though.

But then, millions and gazillions (an exaggeration, but still...) of photos and viral videos portraying beyond adorable kittens and smart and humorous grown cats start surfacing... And my heart's forever changed! I love cats now! I mean, how can you not? 
I'm starting to like kitty cats again! I mean, look how the Internet is bombarded with tons of cute cat pictures and videos!
Wonder what those two kitties are doing, with their paws high up in the air like that, and standing (almost) straight up? Watch the full, raw video on YouTube here! They are bloody brilliant!

"Cats at firesides live luxuriously and are the picture of comfort." 
- Leigh Hunt

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