Monday, October 18

The Usuals

Joined my mother and brother for lunch at my new favourite restaurant after my music theory lesson, Bakerzin! Plus the teacher kept me back a little later - I was doing a mock exam paper for the theory exam in 2 weeks (the day before Halloween too!!) and she went through them and 2 other assessment papers I'd done previous. Made quite a number of mistakes too, dammit. But hopefully it'd be a distinction mark this time too.

Anyways, these are the photos of what I ordered. They look as delish in the pictures as they had then too. Ugh I'm getting hungry again blogging about food!
Wild Mushroom Soup! Really heavy cream in it, but totally awesome soup!
Grapefruit Italian Soda... Love the fizz!
Three circles of mushroom soup I left on the table when I couldn't handle the similarly heavy spoon while drinking it.
Macaroni and clams in tomato broth! Yummers! I just can't get enough of clams!!

"She ate so many clams that her stomach rose and fell with the tide."
- Louis Kronenberger

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